Toggle tabs value & hideable panel lazy load problem


When using the toggle tabs control together with hideable panels and setting the lazy load to true the toggle tabs value is not updated for those tabs that have already been loaded.

Having tabs: tab1, tab2, tab3 which are hideable panels with lazy load set to true and tabSelected which is the value for the toogle tabs.
On load the tab1 is set on tabSelected (tab2 and tab3 are not loaded immediatly). When clicking on tab2 the tabSelected is set with the tab2 value.
But when I go back to tab1, the tabSelected continues with the same value (tab2).

I’ve run the web application in debug setting a breakpoint in the setTabSelected method and what I’ve notice it that after loading the tab for the first time the method is not called anymore!

When lazy load is disabled it always work ok.
This means that when having lazy load the toogle tabs value is not always the one correct one. Sounds like a bug.

Does anyone know a workaround?