Toggle Dropdown to hide/unhide Hideable panel not working

I hae 3 views: view1, view2, view3.
View1 is the main that hosts
view2 (inside of “default” Hideable panel) and
view3 (inside of “AnotherHideablePanel”) in the second column of a table.

In view1, I have a toggle dropdown control to show either “default” hideable panel or “AnotherHideablePanel” hideable panel.

I set the “Value” of the toggle control to “default” which is the ID for “default” hideable panel.
I added two options to the control: option1 (Item Value is “default”) and option2 (Item Value is “AnotherHideablePanel”).

When I preview the view and select any of the option, nothing happens.
What am I missing?

You can only test the redering or visible effect on through MWS or application server.