To know all the documents which are having "Liked to Source" property as true

Hi All,

Could you please tell me if there is any service that will retrieve all the documents on IS which are having “Liked to Source” property as true.

What does this “Liked to Source” property actually used for

Thanks in advance…
Dhasaradh Ram.

Hi Ram,

For example when you create a document type using XSD in that case it is “linked to Source”. If its linked to source then you cant able to edit the document type untill you set property as False for it.


In addition to this any service elements generated through an external source will have this property enabled. For example, doc types, wsd, ff etc.

Explore WmRoot package and look for ns or services folder you will find the service which will output the property for a given ns namespace. Alternatively, you can write a Java service by referring the Java api

Let us know the reason and requirement.