To initiate business process from TN

How do v initiate business process from TN???
The documentation says tht this can ne achieve using conversation ID.
Can some 1 shed some light on how do v populate this ID n send it?
And how does BP picks this up???
or is there any other way to initiate a BP from TN…

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Modeler or ProcessEngine userguide and TradingNetworksUserguide explains the things that you are looking for …From TN prospective conversationID is the correlationid thing in the BP (PRT db) which kicks of as soon as the external TN document arrives and subscriber (processmodel) in this case as its first step in the BP…


Thanks fi rthe quick response.
I’m not sure as to how to publish the TN doc.
In the processind logic i’m callin a service where i do some validation.
Input of this service is a bizdoc but the output is empty.So the question is how do i publish the TN doc from my service???


When you define a document type in TN, the ConversationID is one of the fields that you can configure to be extracted from the document (just like SenderID, ReceiverID, and DocumentID.)

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The Business process is being triggered for the first time a file is submitted.
For the second time it is throwing the following error

[PRT.0101.0253D]BizDocAttribute SenderID is required in a process, but no definition is available on this server
[PRT.0101.0253D] BizDocAttribute ReceiverID is required in a process, but no definition is available on this server

Any suggesions???

As the errors indicate, the sender and receiver IDs are required for a process to run but apparently they were not extracted from the document. Check your TN document type and make sure that sender and receiver identifier queries are defined and make sure that they work with the file that is being submitted to TN.