to connect to MSAccess - How to?

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Please help me with this issue. Can i connect to MSAccess Data base using wM. Pl help me with the set of steps to follow and to access data from MSAccess data base>

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You can use the JDBC-ODBC driver to connect to Access via ODBC setup in Windows. Search for the JDBC-ODBC driver from Sun’s web-site.

could you give me the link or the code to connect with ms access!!

  1. Access is not a supported DB.
  2. The JDBC-ODBC bridge is not thread safe.
  3. Don’t ask people to do searches that you can easily do yourself.

I need to experiment on connecting to a database and retrieving data from a table. Pl advice.

Developer licenses for the Oracle database are free. You could install that and follow the instructions in wM documentation for setting things up and experimenting. Use the JDBC Adapter for DB access. Do NOT use Java to access the DB.

You can use MySQL as well. It is not “supported” but it is free and it works pretty well. There are plenty of “free” tools to get it up and running and to help manage the database.

I like Rob’s suggestion the best though. Oracle’s developer license is free and it is fully supported. I run my version with Oracle 10g.

I have stored data in an Access database for logging and debugging purposes, but as Rob says, the bridge is not thread-safe and you will have problems in the long run. Take the extra time to install something that is made to do the job you are trying to do.

I am pretty much interested to just connect to a database just for an experiment. I have just MS Access in my system. Installation of software requires permission :slight_smile: . So to start with can you just tell me the steps i have to invoke to connect to MS Access. or is it just a java service tht i have to write.

There is plenty of tools for generating Java wrappers to COM/ActiveX of DAO/JET MS Access libraries. Having Java classes generated You will can use Access JET engine from Java … but JET engine is not threat safe, and maybe need to be used from one thread only.
There is another solution: to write some simple VB command line appliaction running as a different process, using MS Access and in/out streams to communicate with outer IS process.

An odd solution to propose to someone that is experimenting with IS and trying to learn how to do database interactions with it.

Sorry, I have still low level developing in my heart.

This solution is better, but require additional process (JDBC type 3), and another product:

JDBC-ODBC bridge was proposed by somebody earlier.