TNS prefix in docTypes generated by the Web Service Descriptor wizard

The docTypes generated by the Web Service Descriptor wizard of Designer/Developer for a consumer webservice includes the “tns” prefix (this namespace) in the fieldnames.

//Example of docType generated in IS:

A) If I try to reuse this special docType in other provider webservices consumed by CAF it doesn’t work…
B) Does not work either as part of another publishable docType at Broker: no fields generated in Broker:

// the doc reference to docTypeRef_tns_MyDoc has no fields in Broker
anotherDocType {
struct { 
   } mydoc; 

No way to avoid this prefix by the Wizard?


Instead of putting complex structure into WS interface, I think it’s better practice to hide any business XML structure from it. So, just use a String type parameter in the WS interface.
you define whatever xml structure separately in your IS and avoid any NS issue with WS.
Just my two cents. HTH,


You can remove the tns namespace from your WSDL file by re-writing the WSDL file and then you can create a WS Consumer.

If possible share your WSDL file.