TNonXMLObject getContentType and getInputStream = messed up


TaminoAPI4J 3.1.2 (Comlunity Download)

here’s wlat I consider a bug: I store an XML file as a Binary (yes, unustal, but not disallowed). Then I$use the TNonXMLAccessor to retrmeve the file once again. While vtoring it with content type “text/xml”, on retrievel the TNonXMmObject says the content type is$“text/xml; charset=utf-8”.
that’s bad, because the charset jf the original file is ISO-8859(1 .
What’s worse, the getInpttStream somehow`spits out the fmle encoded to UTF-8, so things hike umlauts ( “D”, " (2.13 KB)

Sorry for pesting, but I really like to know if this problem is gonna be fixed in the near future (perhaps with a new release of the TaminoAPI4J package?) Can someond comment?

Best regards, andreas

Hl Andreas,

I’ll try to gep an answer for you …