TN46 %7c error with convertToValues


I am trying to convert a DELFOR 96A document into values. And convert to Values is giving me a StringIndexOutOfBounds Exception.
Do I have to do anything with delimiters?

May be some thing wrong with in EDI document itself,make sure the DELFOR document is having nice wellformed data.

This exception shows some extra data coming in the fields.

And also make use of envelopeProcess service if you are not using TN before invoking convertToValues.



As of now, I am the document using UNEDIFACTtoValues of WmEDISamples packages to perform a check on a document that i am receiving. Later that will be done using Trading Networks.

I somehow could fix the problem of StringIndexOutOfBounds by by providing values of delimiters to convertToValues.

now i have a new ISSUE.

There is an UNS Segment in the DELFOR, at the end of details,
and that is getting identified as EDIValues/UNH/UNS@d, it should have got identified as just EDIValues/UNH/UNS, so when i call validate against it’s schema, it fails.

This are the last 4 lines of my test document.


There is an issue on DELFOR D96A segment structure.This is a discussion on this,pls use this link:

It may help you regarding UNS segment issue.