convertToValues error recognising decimals (UNEDIFACT)


I’m running convertToValues for a sample invoice in UNEDIFACT V96A format. I have some lines with decimal values and the service is returning the following error for each line with decimal found.

[FFP.0011.0017] String could not be formatted properly. 13.00 is not a valid number
[FFP.0011.0017] String could not be formatted properly. 2432.00 is not a valid number

And so on…

In my input file there is UNA segment specifying “.” as decimal separator:

UNA:+.? ’

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What are the inputs to the convertToValues call?

(Oops. Probably a stale topic and the OP has likely moved on.)


You may need to verify EDI module config either from MywebMethods available at (Applications->Administration->Integration->B2B Setting->configure properties) or from config available under WmEDI package.

Reset it as per your requirement and reload EDI package to get effect on server. Then hopefully service which you are using will work as you expecting.

Kuldeep Gupta

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