TN User Status Update Latency

Hi All,

User Status updated through TN Processing rule is taking a very long time. Whenever documents are routed to TN, they go through a processing rule in which the action is to execute a service and also Change User Status. Lets say, we have the User Status here as “Published”. The document is then routed to the service in which we do some processing and then we also publish another document which updates the User Status to “Processed”. So the sequence of user status should be: new --> published --> processed.

However, for a few documents the “processed” user status is getting updated first and then TN is changing the status to “published”. This is causing issues because we have a monitoring service which looks for error/unfinished documents based on the user status and it is generating alerts for all these documents which are correctly processed.

Shouldnt the user status be updated by TN as soon the the processing rule execution is completed. The service i invoke from TN is also a small publishing service which doesnt take much time to complete.

Hope my explanation was clear… any ideas how I can fix this issue?

if the status update calls are made in separate threads, the sequence can’t be guaranteed.
You can do a status check before updating, if it’s already on a later status, you just don’t do update.

Yeah, i agree if status updates are made in separate threads we cannot guarantee the sequence. However, the user status that is updated by the Processing Rule… that should ideally be the first one to update, isnt it?? The remaining status updates are all routed through the broker pub-sub model.

but apparently in our case, that is not how it is working… anyways, thanks for the help… i will put forward my solutions to the team

Hi, which wM version are you using. Is this after any upgrade or applying fixes for some other issues to solve ?