TN Transaction Status

I have a transaction failed delivery to the partner because of some FTP access issue. The transaction processing status shows as done. But the activity log shows as error to deliver. How can this be linked to the procesisng status?. The user status also changed as per the setting in the procesisng rule. Is there any best way to find failed transactions?.

Programically in your flow make use of TN changeStatus service and depending upon the FTP success/error you can explicitly set ProcessingStatus like “Processing Error” or DONE/W/Error status etc…for that bizdoc.So you may have to use some custom processing instead of TN FTP Delivery method.



I can’t vouch it to be the best way, but here’s how I handle this in my flow that gets the status.

Create a document query (based on receiver id, sender id, attribs, etc. - whatever is applicable in your case) and execute it to get results as a document list. Then loop over these results and within that loop create a taskQuery (for each document received by the TN a new task is created), joined on the document id (results/DocID) and document timestamp (results/DocTimestamp). The result of the task will show up as either PENDING, FAILED or DONE, which reflects the actual status of the processing.

In my scenario, I have to do an extra step of filtering of the results obtained from the document query, based on the timestamp of the document… you too might have to use a some additional logic to ensure that you create a task query just for the document that you are interested in. In other words… you will need to find a way to uniquely identify your document(s) that you want to find the status of.


This is bit disappointing to me. TN is to provide guranteed delivey of documents with out involving any extra flows and services and with correct statues. At least the tasks screen must show the failed tasks based on the query entered in the query. But it shows only the task for selectecd transaction.

I was wrong. I am able to see all the tasks based on the query directly Views->Tasks. This is ok to manage.


Yes… the taskQuery gives you the correct status… that’s what I mentioned in my reply earlier, - getting the status by doing a taskQuery. I think I misunderstood you and gave a solution that uses a flow service to get the status… if you are trying to get the status from the TN Console itself, you can use the Task tab or the Activity tab, both will show u the correct status.

As far as the status in the transaction analysis is considered… my understanding is indicates that the processing is complete, which indeed is… what happened as the result of the processing is a different story and can be obtained using the taskQuery.



Even i have misunderstood your query and started saying about using of flow,if TNConsole Tasktab query helps what you are lookfor then it is clarified and i think rohit’s suggestion helped u some extent atleast.