TN transaction failure notifcation email

Hi Folks,

We have a requirement to trigger an email notification whenever there is a failure in sending edint data to a specific partner profile.

do we have any built-in service or any other configuration required in MWS.

Sandeep R Deepala

Did you try invoking SMTP BIS service in the catch block of TN processing service?

do mean pub.client:smtp or

WmPublic service. Error handling should be as part of your custom TN Exceptional Handling framework, kindly review it again.

Alternatively, can you check your processing rule if action “Alert e-mail is selected” This should trigger an email for you.

webmethods >>> Outbound partner,

for this transaction we are not using the processing rule.

offcourse we can configure processing rule incase of failure in deleivery, other than processing rule do we have any other option.

Revisit the options provided.

Regarding “other than processing rule do we have any other option” - Not that I’m aware.