TN profiles were showing blank passwords

Hi ,
We are using Tradingnetworks 7.1.2.
On one of the servers we have created profiles.As part of the Delivery setting of the profile we have specified the delivery method as part of prefered protol.For that we have specified the user name and password.Everything is working fine

On other server we have pointed to the same TN database which the previous one is using,on this server all the profiles were showing properly but the password is showing as blank

:confused: Can some one help me why on the other server (even though the TN database is common for both the servers) as part of TN profile password is showing as blank.

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All passwords contained in partner profiles are securely managed by the IntegrationServer’s Password Manager. When you create a partner profile, Trading Networks creates
a handle for the password and passes both the password and its handle to the IntegrationServer’s Password Manager. The Password Manager encrypts the password and stores the password and its handle in the IS repository. The Trading Networks database stores only the handle.

If you require both your TN instances be in sync they need to be setup in a TN cluster sharing the DB will not help.

Password management feature has changed with webMethods 6.5

Please check this article on advantage:


Thanks for the information.

We are having two lines of servers one is Hot line and the second is Cold line.Hot line of servers are the one which are running currently.Cold line of servers are the one which will be used as a fail over to the hot line of servers.We are sharing the common IS and TN core tables with thease servers
So as part of fail over testing we are testing with the cold line of servers(hot server was brought down).In this respect when we have brought up our cold line of servers,
We can see that passwords are missing as part of TN profiles

  To get thease passwords on cold server (manuali fail over server)
  1.can we edit the TN profile and enter the password on cold server
  2.If we do so do we see any issues when we bring back our hot server up(keeping cold server down)

can some one help me out what will be the staratagy followed with respect to the manual fail over concept

Is your IS’s clustered (HA enabled) and part of your original query it was just shared same TN DB?


No,our servers are not in clustered.
Because of that we are having the manual fail over (Cold line of servers).If there are any issues with hot line of servers will be manually switching to fail over server.

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Vidya Sagar

Why do you have manual intervention process instead of having setup for HA (cluster/loadbalanced) mechanism.just curious


This is the environment architecture given by client to us.Client is not ready to invest on clustering.