TN_Profile Creating Help

Hi all,

I am new to TN, while
Creating a New Partner Profile , i am confused for what is the Partner type that has to be choosen , out of these options

  1. webMethods Trading Networks
  2. webMethods for Partners
  3. WebBrowser
  4. Other/Unknown
    what are the major differences between them

You can choose any thing doesn’t matter…but functionally based on the partner type you are setting up and integrating can tell you what type to choose

Select 1 or 2 in any case and if not known then 4 option goes:

Also please review the TN users/concepts guide for more information about the profile screen options:



Thanks for the Reply Rmg,

But the actual question is when and in which scenario the options must be choosen,
if we are adding a partner profile what partner type must be selected that is based on what criteria

You can skip this selection as It doesn’t give any added value in your setup but its just gives identification/logical purpose during the profile setup for your partners (suppliers,buyers,inter company,customers,third party hubs/VANS/market places etc…) and select based on the info below:

Partner Type The type of software the corporation uses to interact with the
trading network.
Value Meaning
webMethods Trading
The corporation uses webMethods
Trading Networks.
webMethods for
A partner in the network that is using
webMethods for Partners.
Web Browser A partner in the network that is using
a Web browser.
Other/Unknown A partner in the network that is not
using one of the other types of
software. For example, this might be a
partner that is using a webMethods
Integration Server (without Trading
Networks) or a marketplace.
Note: This feature is deprecated and not available in My