TN Partner to http ...

We have a TN Partner that uses ftp to send an XML document. We were trying to see if we could create a web service that could accept the document in order to move away from ftp … could someone point me in the right direction? Was planning to use .NET web service on IIS to accept the file, but I’m not sure how to determine what the signature from TN is sending … any help is appreciated!

TN can’t make a webservice call directly as of WM6.5.

  1. Either you have to create a custom delivery service that makes a web service call, register it ( and then configure it in the partner profile (preferred delivery method) or
  2. create a service that makes the webservice call and invoke it in the processing rule. I feel the second approach is easy and reliable.

There are many useful threads in SOA(Webservices, wsdl) section regarding providing/consuming webservices. Main thing would be deciding on the data structure you will excahnge with your .NET webservice.