Sending a Flat file to OtherTN?

I want to send a flatfile/xml doc to another TN.This has to be done without using the broker pub-sub model.We can send XML docs to other TN thru the TNWebManager in IS.
I have found out a service service takes the foll inputs sendMethod,data,sign,url,user,pass.
The sendMethod :sendTN/route.(Use sendTN to send the doc to other TN)
data :string format.
sign: signOut
url:http://localhost: + resultString (comes from receiverWrapper service)
user:username of other TN
pass:pwd of other TN.

please reply me with a solution to get thru this.

“We can send XML docs to other TN thru the TNWebManager in IS.”.

Note that TN webManaer is just a web interface to webMethods Trading Networks .Web Manager users can view profiles, search for documents, and check the status of documents,etc.

Trading Networks Engine is the runtime component of Trading Networks that works with Integration Server and both works together for processing the document and submitting the document.

You will have to create the partners profile if you want to send the document to your trading partner.While creating the partners profile chose the ‘Delivery Method’ that will be used to send the document. Once this is set up you can choose the processing action as Deliver by in the processing rule. Their are many other options which you can configure as per your needs. Check out the TN user guide for more details.

Thanks Jiten for the reply.I know that XML docs can be sent to the other TN using the IS TNWeb Manager.I have done this before.My issue is to send a flat file to another TN.

If you are trying to send data from one TN to another TN then check this thread:
It just eloborates what Jiten gupta suggested. There is no difference b/n sending an XML from one TN to another TN and sending ff. Both of them are converted to bizdocs in TN.