TN Not connecting to oracle DB

I am using external oracle database for TN 4.6. When I connect TN
to server, it gives me this error message:

[B2BSERV.0026.9201] Unknown service:
Check that the server is running and accessible.
Check that the current user has ACLs to access

The server is running perfectly and I have the database alias working fine through the server.

Any one know how to resolve this issue.

Thank You

Using Developer check that exists in the WmTN package. If not, your TN package installation is not correct.

What do you mean by “…connect TN to server?” Do you mean when you run TN Console? is there. Sorry for confusion, I exactly mean when I run the console, it gives the error message.


Try restarting the Merant driver and the IS server and then test the connection. Also can you check whether you are able to connect to the same database using oracle jdbc driver.

Are you configured oracle jdbc driver for TN, then it will not work.
TN works only for Merant driver. So you need to make sure the Merant drivers are configured for your database instance and it needs to be restarted and then IS server has to be started.

Can u tell me the required procedure how can I configure Merant driver.


See the sequellink Merant driver installation & admin guide based on the OS your installing. if you have a problem configuring contact webMethods support.