TN not accepting special characters

Hi All,

   we are using webMethods 6.0.1 in our current project. As we get data from clients containing some special Characters like '&',; '!', etc. TN is not processing it. Before this we are converting the document to XML document and then sending this XML document to TN. So whenever the client enters the data. Documents gets converted to XML document and after routing this XMl document to TN. TN is not accepting this type of document. Could anyone help me in solving this problem.


Set encoding to true before sending to TN.

How can we do de-coding once the encoded message comes to us. We need to persist the de-coded version of the messages coming to us.

Check java version vender… if vender IBM it will give problem to read special charactors if vender SUN then no problem… check another way to fix your problem.