TN Logs

Anyone knows how to increase TN database logs?

Hi Monica,

under IS-Admin under Settings → Logging → Server Logger, there should be a Logging Group “TradingNetworks”.

Inside this group there should be a Logging Factory for the TN Database Layer.


Thanks Holger. If I change the TN logging is set to errors what will happen if I change it to debug, trace or Info?

If you set the logging level to debug/trace/ info , it will log more entries depending on the type you select. It might even impact performance because of the number of log entries will be increased.

Here is list with the defined LogLevels:

LogLevel	                                Tag in ServerLog	LogLevel numeric
Critical	                                C	                        0
Error	                                        E	                        1
Warn	                                        W	                        2
Info	                                        I	                        3
Debug	                                D	                        4
"Trace (Verbose1 - Verbose6)"	"T (V1 - V6)"	        "10 (5 - 10)"

Up to wM 6.5 there were 10 (11) LogLevels.
In wM 7.1 the 6 Verbose LogLevels have been wrapped up to Trace.

Default LogLevel is Info.

See the “Monitoring and Logging Guide” for further informations.