TN is not able to process the documents in sequence

Our Partner is sending three documents in 6 sec difference in sequence. But Trading Netowrks is not processing these documents all the time in sequence. Sequence is crucial to our application. TN shows Date recieved time in out of sequence for these documents. Do you guys guys know any way to force sequence in TN.
Thanks in advance,
Ramesh Reddi

sorry, this is not TN issue. Our partner system is not sending in the right order. They have bug in their system. As we r in production hurry and doesn’t have access to partner system i posted this message. I am very sorry for false alarm. webMethods TN works

Funny post, Ramesh! I think we have all been in your shoes at some point!

Even false alarms are helpful because they force us to rethink and double-check our internal processes for inefficiencies and potential hazards.

Glad to hear that everything worked out!

Hi Ramesh,

Can you share with us how did you find out that that was an error on your Partner systems’s part after checking on your side?