TN Extended Fields

I have a partner setup in TN. Further, I have setup a group under that partner and 2 extended fields. When I extract those extended fields, it gives like an array. Is it possible that I can extract in the way so that I gives me each extended field in seperate string and not an array.
The reason I am doing this is I have an email specified in one extended field and a username in other. When I extract it, it gives me both as an array but my requirement is to extract only email address.


I recall extended fields have setup to define name and type for each field you add. TN services had way to get these fields by the name and type. If you getting array that is a collection of your extended fields. I also recall it was a tricky way to get to them. Sorry fo not giving very detailed info here its been long time since I coded this porcess but I could get specific field I wanted from TN. Similar to IData or hashtable having name value pairs.

Here is the basic logic to query the Extended Fields:
LOOP over fields recordlist array
BRANCH /fields/MetaData/Name - which in your case would be your email field name

You will probably need 2 BRANCH statements, one for your email name and one for your email address.