TN document type in classpath


I am seeing this error in my server logs,

Unable to load the following TN document types because their classes are not found in the classpath: {TypeId=ci06sh003ost6faq0000000j,TypeName=MarConnect}. Either correct the classpath to include the required classes and restart the Server or, if you no longer use these document types, delete them using the service and then restart the Server.

How do i correct the classpath? please suggest me. Thanks.

Something to do with the MarketConnect packages.
Do you have C1OnRamp installed in your system?
If yes, you need to check if you have: MarketConnectBizDocType.jar under
If you don’t have this jar, download the C1OnRamp install first

I got the same problem.
I haven’t resolved it and how can I know whether I installed the C1OnRamp.