TN Document Handling Architecture

I have just started using Trading Networks 6.0
My requirement is to publish xml from business partner web application server to TN , apply
some business rules and respond back to business partner web application

Please suggest me how the whole flow will run
I have created profiles , TN Documents

  1. Which way business partner web application can post the xml to TN. I am thinking
    of posting xml through $xmldata approach… can some other approach will be better … Whats about the user authentication if i Post through $xmldata…
  2. After i receive the xml in TN and invoke an IS service which process the bizDoc from TN
    How will now i respond to business partner.
    Can i have to invoke through my IS Service which has been invoked when TN got the xml
    from business partner or it should be done by another IS Serivce
  3. How will business partner Web application (Servlet) process the response get from TN
    and how will it receive it …any sample code for it

Plz pour some suggestions …

Thnks in adavance

Incontinuation to my above queries let me add few more
Plz bear with me if you find these too elementary as I have just started with TN !!

  1. I am trying to post the xml through URL:

JQwm/0af : Is the password I have got while creating the partner profile
But I am getting HTTP 403 Error as forbidden error.
I am not sure whether user id & pass has to placed in this way or not.

  1. While i am posting XML to TN and invoking services asynchronously. How will my business partner Application ( Web) Servlet get the response …any sample code will be very helpful to me
    Will the reply from TN be in the XML format …


I think the URLs are like

  1. Using $xmldata just means you don’t have to set the http content-type header to have the server’s XML content handler kick. There are several ways to get data to IS via HTTP, all them basically the same.

  2. If HTTP response headers are sufficient, then posting to directly will do what you need. If you need something more than that, such as a reply doc in the body of the HTTP response, you’ll need to write an entry service that passes the data to TN, checks results and returns the appropriate response. If TN invokes your custom service asynchronously, then your responses will be more or less limited to “document saved/not saved to the TN DB.”

  3. The partner’s servlet will get the HTTP response and will need to process any reply that you send. The interaction is pure HTTP post interaction–nothing is specific to IS.



Thnks a lot for your input.
I have few more queries:
1)You said : “Using $xmldata just means you don’t have to set the http content-type header to have the server’s XML content handler kick”
I could`t get it …Can you plz explain it.
2) I am trying to post XML to TN through java client through the partner user id & pwd. But getting the HTTP 403 error : Access Denied while when I trigger the URL through browser . Its posting the data…
I am flummoxed with this behaviour…Plz let me know if I am missing any thing.
3) When i will get reply from TN through my custom service Will the output of the customer service directly go to the Servlet or do i need to set the output in setResponse service ???

You may find these very elementary but I am a novice in TN6.0