TN Delivery service - update processing status?

Hi All,

I am using Trading Networks 8.0 SP1. I have a processing rule that simply delivers a document to a partner via the Primary FTP delivery service which works fine for the most part. However, it is not easy from the transaction history page to tell if a delivery has failed for any reason.

Is there a way of updating the processing status of the document if the delivery fails?

Thanks in advance

No there is no custom way to update processing status when ever TASK failed (due to any ftp put/login errors)…Try using partner private queues instead (select Batch FTP) and it should update status incase of any ftp failures:


In previous projects we did this via custom TN delivery services. For HTTP and FTP delivery services we created equivalents of the built-in delivery services. This permitted us to do a variety of delivery related customizations, including recording success and failure logs within TN.

I don’t know if you want to go that route but it is an option.

Thanks for the replies guys.

The BatchFTP route may work if the partner can accept the added latency of a scheduled service. I will check with my partner.

If not then I think the custom delivery service route is the way to go.

Yes you will always have the option of custom delivery service instead of having queues setup: