TN Cosole error

Hi everybody,

       While i am going to work on TN Console, i am getting a error like

It is giving the message like configure a database pool for for functional alias “TN” and restart wmtn package.

I know the solution, but i have forgot the wizard parameters, while we configuring the dbc pool alias definitions.

So can anyone plz respond to me and provide me the required information in detail

Thanks in advance


You need to run TN script(found in IS_Directory/common/db/ folder) depending on your TN version and database then set the TN pool in IS admin page under the jdbcpool, when you create new Pool Alias Definition, mention the database parameters required and then link that alias with “Functional Alias Definitions”.

You can refer to TN installation guide for details about those parameters.

Note: Make sure to Restart function after you configure Function Alias.

You can always go back and get your parameters from the JDBC/backup folder under config.

Its all backed up there on startup. If not , look at a different box’s pools to get your parameters.

If you still cant find it , let us know …

i want detailed level of information


For detailed level of information please refer to installation guide. Have you made any effort by reading the installation guide and implementing the steps described in it ? If yes please be specific in your issues you are facing while configuring TN.


TN Pool can be configured on the IS Admin page. Review the IS Admin and TN Admin guide on how to configured TN Pool.

how can we recieve the documents in TN like i know how to send the FF and XML in TN but do not know how to recieve them i want to know the process to recieve the docs

is it like documentid that we have to trace for recieving the documents