TN Console Content add a line break to the EDI.


I see a problem to the TN Edi transactions. When the transactions are logged in TN, the content tab shows edi with ‘line breaks’. How to log the edi as is.?

Please advice if the can be handled?

There is no way unless you have the line break custom edit before you route it to TN otherwise TN will show as is wrapped data:

Please check the delimiters/encoding if they are messing up before it hits TN using hex tools like ultra edit or Liaison EDI notepad etc…

For any outbound you can set it via TPA and use the same in the edidata creation:


For Outbound, What parameter do I set in TPA, to not add a line break to the outgoing EDI?

In the TPA section in the delimiters/record set \n


I have ~ Tilde as Segment Terminator, so cannot put \n.

When I don’t specify anything, it adds a line break after all the segments.

When I specify ~ or \n, it adds a line bread after certain charaters… when makes it uneven.

Not sure what you are saying and you cannot put means? you asked for line break so…For carriage return use \r I hope when you adding envelopes you have the delimiters pulled from TPA and mapping it right? HTH, RMG

I hope, you are into 8.x version of webMethods suite… The format of data is maintained in MWS and not in TN Console as before… Please check in MWS > Monitoring > Transaction page… You can see the format being maintained… You can also save the file using ‘Save File’ in that page so CR, LF etc., can be compared if required…


Thanks RMG and Senthil,

I was able to fix the edi in the pipeline, but not in the TN Console. we are on 7.12, and when TN logs these transactions, it adds a line break at certain random places. How to prevent this.

It adds the line break at postions: 70, 200, 120, 200, 200, 200… Not sure why, any ideas how to handle this?

It adds a line break in TN Console Context at positions: 70, 200, 120, 200, 200, 200. Not sure why?
Any Ideas.

Did you check the data in MWS how it looks like?

We don’t use MWS, so I cannot confirm. This is the issue with TN Console.

No idea…If not please check in MWS UI also: