TN Authentication

I have a jsp page with a userName and Password fields. The userName and Password are setup in TN under extended fields under new group.When a user enters username and password and submits,the information should be checked with the TN values in the extended field in that group, if these matches.It other words, TN authenticates user.

I want to know how can I make TN to authenticate user. What procedure and service I have to use to retrieve values from TN and check it against user input values.


Is the JSP userName and Password passed to TN as the user name to run tn:receive, or are these just additional variables being passed to TN in addition to the document?

You can, but you’ll have to jump through a few hoops. In the JSP, submit the userName and password as variables to tn:receive (even though TN doesn’t care about them - they will remain in the pipeline throughout the service).
In your processing rule, call a flow service. In the flow service, call (providing it the ID of the partner whose profile you want to examine - also the group if desired). Compare the results against the variables your JSP passed to TN - they should just be floating around in the pipeline.
I just tested this with a standard HTML form - not JSP - and submitted the username and password as hidden variables within the form call private.user and private.password. In my processing rule, I mapped the receiver ID of the document to the partnerID input of getExtendedFields and then compared the result against the value of private.user and private.password. Worked great.
Keep in mind this is not real authentication, however. This is post-processing. It is IS that is responsible for true TN authentication.

Hi, just go through what SONAM CHAUHAN has suggested.

  1. Receive the document.
  2. Call
  3. Call
  4. Call
  5. Get the B2B username doing the actual posting

check whether valid.
if valid, call service.

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He has written an ezine article too at

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Can u please tell me how i can recieve a document in TN as its not an xml file, only passsing variables from simple html file. and do I have to create the necessary document types so that the incoming document can be recognized by TN and the processing rule which is fired by TN.


Create a TN document type of type flat file and then pass variables from the html as TN_parms. In the TN document type, you will specify which TN_parms variables will be used as identifying variables and which as extraction variables (to populate your attributes).