TN As2 certificate update - testing Automation

Hi Guys,

whenever our Organization TN As2 certificate expires, we send out an email to some 100~ customers and ask them to update new certs at partner end and send a test as2 message. This will be done production and non-production.

is there any way we can automate it?

My idea is building a service:
Service 1) List all Active TN partner profiles, send emails using contacts in partner profile with latest certs.

Service 2) For all active TN partner profiles, send test as2 message and record its MDN response in a CSV/ table and also send a mail to partner to send a test message from their side.

do you think is it a good idea? any constraints? any improvements can be made to above or already this feature is present in webMethods? or do we any external tools to perform this test in a much better way?

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