AS2 Certificate Expiration - CEM

EDIINT AS2 documents are being exchanged via wM EDINT 6.5.2. When our AS2 certificate expired last year, the process to notify partners, distribute cert, and update wM TN was manual. As the number of AS2 partners is growing, we are considering an automated process for the future. I’m interested in how other wM users are handling AS2 certificate expiration notification and cert exchange, if others are using the CEM (Certificate Exchange Messaging) standard (, etc. Your suggestions/experience are appreciated.


The CEM seems an interesting initiative. But in reality, it’s almost impossible to implement. (Not everyone is supporting AS2, updates only happen once a while, will be easily out of maintenance). The place I’m working for also has system connecting to hundreds of partners, but we still have to deal with it manually.
If you just want to automate it, you may write some service to install the client cert automatically, it shouldn’t be too difficult.
Just my two cents.

Thank you for the input, Tong. It’s quite a bit of effort when your cert expires, but then doesn’t happen again in two or three years. I appreciate your response.