TLocalTransaction for the new version

NOTE: I dont know which forum to put this thread into. Sorry…


I have this line somewhere in my code:

TLocalTransaction localTransaction=connection.useLocalTransactionMode();

but I was prompted that there’s no such method. i checked the TLocalTransaction interface and found only 2 methods indeed: commit and rollback.

So I commented out this code. But then i am encountering a runtime error which says that

“Open cursor is not supported here. Change to local transaction mode”

I really need help on this. i am very new to Tamino. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

This is indeed the wrong forum - you should use the “Tamino API for Java” forum.

Anyway: useLocalTransactionMode() is a method of the TConnection interface (not of the TLocalTransaction interface). Maybe your connection variable is not declared correctly?
Show us a bit more of your code.