Tips Reqd to handle Outage

Hi Team,

We have WM 9.7 Infra setup installed on OS AIX version, where every 3/4 the of week we have to go for outage or maintenance of our WM servers in such case where we need to stop/start WM components such as

  • Triggers
  • Adapters
  • Schedulers

This all we have to do manually which take more than 45 mins and has to be done on almost 12-15 WM Servers

So I am looking for any kind of console level utility or command level where as I can login in Unix AIX OS and from there itself via putty i can fired commands in each server so that all above mention components get suspended/disable.

Can some one pls share knowledge to handle this request or any suggestion.

Hi Rajiv,

what about quiescing & unquiescing the server via IS-Admin?

This is exactly the use case for which Quiesce Mode was introduced in 9.5.

See IS Administrators Guide for further information.

If this is not sufficient or working for you you might consider writing a custom service, which do the neccessary steps
by using services from WmART or or WmPublic.
See Build-In-Services-Guide for the appropriate services to use.


Hi Holger,

I have few queries to use this quiescing option.

  1. To apply any IS or Adapter level patch/fixes we need to bring IS server down will then quiescing will not impact patching?

  2. I have Enterprise Gateway Server in DMZ mode where we have external and internal ports configuration where same EG Server communicated to Internal IS there also we have internal port open

Inbound Outside Client Request --> EG IS(DMZ) External Port --> Internal IS(Internal Port) --> A IS --> B IS
<— <— <-- <-- Outbound Request

So Do we need to Quiesce both EG/Internal/A/B Integration Servers at same time OR quiesce only EG & Internal Server itself ?

  1. if IS in Quiesce mode what happen if any inbound/outbound request come will it store in file system or message will be lost Or we need to resubmit failed transaction manually ?

  2. If suppose IS in quiesce mode and after some time it didn’t respond due to any issue then what we need to do restart IS in active mode or quiesce mode ?

  3. Do it advisable or mandatory to Add the following property to custom_wrapper.conf:

If i add these property then while restart or start IS via command prompt will server always run in quiesce mode by default ?

Can you please address above queries pls.

Quiesce option is not helpful in our scenario,if in case particular applications has patching then we can’t quiesce WM server this will impact other apps running in same server

Hi Rajiv,

as we do not have DMZ with EG-Server I cannot advise further related to this.

Quiesce Mode (as far as I understood it) might be helpful when you are patching you own system.

Your Partner Systems will need to take care of messages which should be send to your IS while it is down/quiesced.
Either by buffering them or being able to resend them after system is back up.

If you are not able to quiescing th server as only parts of the application goes down, then you will have to do so manually. You can write helper services for disabling/enabling the objects affected.

When using Process Models it should be sufficient to suspend the retrieval and procesing for the Subscription-Trigger.


Holger provided good option to you.

i will suggest you check out command central for one place to maintain all of your servers. command central provides functionality to remotely start\stop server from one location.