Timing out in SPoD client session

Hello all, I’m new to SPoD and new to the Community forms at tech.forums.softwareag.com

I’m timing out very quickly on my SPoD session (if I’d have to guess, inside 2 minutes) and if I happen to be editing an object, I’m locking that object; then I have to unlock, etc., etc.

Would you please advise as to how I can change the amount of time allowed before SPoD session times out?

Versioning info:
Natural Studio Version 6.3.8 PL 0 (Rev.:019383) running on
Windows XP Professional Service pack 2
NDV223 running on UNIX AIX 6.1.0

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Welcome to the community !

First of all, NDV223 is pretty back-level, you might want to install the latest (NDV227).

There are no timeout settings in NDV, did you ckeck the log file for any messages probably
related to your session being terminated ?

Is this a phenomenon specific to just one (or a number of) user(s), or does this happen to all users alike ?

Thanks Wolfgang for the prompt reply!

We only migrated to AIX, NDV and SPoD at the end of March 2011, coming from a Z/OS mainframe environment where we were still running Natural 3.1.3 and ADABAS 7.xx, so I’m ashamed to admit that with the exactly 1/2 day intro class to SPoD, I’m not even sure exactly in which directory I’d go to look for log files for my session - I’m however discussing that with our AIX/ADABAS DBA and hope to find that out soon. (BTW he just advised me that we’re on NDV221 not 223 like I thought, so we’re worse off!)

The timeout behavior is NOT related to just 1 user, but rather to all of us using SPoD as currently configured in our installation. I understand that there’s no parameter regarding a timeout in NDV; would there be anything of the sort in the SPoD client?

Finally, is there some SPoD initial user setup documentation, that you would recommend, that I can get to, study, and possibly apply before I post questions no this forum?

Thanks so much again!


there’s not really much of an intro type documentation, you might want to start with and around

No, there’s no timeout related settings in the client either.

Sorry, “log” was the wrong term, there is only one “log” file for NDV, and this records running servers and connection details only,
you’d need to TRACE it.

I’d suggest opening an incident with Software AG support for advice re. recommended trace settings for your specific problem and then have the trace analyzed once avaiable.

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Thanks again,

I agree about logging an incident with SAG; we talked to our DBA about it and he’s going to spearhead the effort as he’s the one who installed NDV and is administering it.

Incidentally, we’ve got another answer from another SPoD admin who corroborates exactly what you said about not having time limits in either NDV or SPoD client software.

That person suggested possibly network imposed time limits on our port; we’re thinking of following up that avenue, with people from the network group. Do you think that makes sense?


I’m not that familiar with network tuning on AIX in particular,
but it can’t hurt to check the current value of tcp_keepidle
and probaby play with it a bit to see if it makes a difference.