Timezone Conversion

Hi All,
We have a situation,where the timestamp comes in as CT to our server.We need to convert that time into PT.But IS is treating the time as PT eventhough we pass the time as CT.How do we handle this issue.We are using IS 6.1


Read the section in the IS Built-In Services Guide for Time Zones under pub.date.

You will find just about everything you need there. READ IT VERY CAREFULLY!

… and you will find what you need.



Take a look at this thread for a similar discussion with some attached sample code.


Hi All,
I am able to convert the CentralTime to PacificTime using the built in service dateTimeFormat
I am passing the centraltime as the inString parameter and specifying the currentPattern and the newPattern as desired.
12-15-2004 23.30.30 CST
MM-dd-yyyy HH.mm.ss z
MM-dd-yyyy HH.mm.ss z

The output would be 12-15-2004 21.30.30 PST which is the desired timezone.