Timeout for a service flow


I have some web services, and I need to change the timeout used for a single service flow (the default value is correct for all others web services).

How I may I enlarge a little the timeout value please ? (this web service calls a consumer)


Pass the timeout input to your WSD connector as a configurable value either from properties file or from cache/DB.


Thanks for your reply, but where is the timeout attribute on the WSD ? (I do not see it in under the Designer)


I meant the “timeout” input which is in Consumer WSD connector which goes as part of input to pub.client:soapClient service.

timeOut attribute is one of the input’s to the consumer WSD. Better use timeout settings in GlobalVariable section if you are using wM9x version.


Ok, I’ve understood :slight_smile: …in connectors, of some of my web service consumer, I could see where the soapClient operation is called and then, its timeout input parameter. Thank you for that.

But, in my case, I have another question (or two 8) ) :
I have a simple service flow that call a Jdbc Adapter Service (with no consumer and no connector) and I’ve created a WSD to add this operation.
In that case, where would you configure the Timeout (in case of a very bad Sql not opimized query :wink: ) ?

Last question :
for the timeout soapClient, what is the default value, and where is it configured on the IS please ?


In that case, where would you configure the Timeout (in case of a very bad Sql not opimized query :wink: ) – Are you referring to Query Time Out which is present in Adapter service templates? I hope going the below information will give you more clarity.

For timeout in soapClient, refer “9-12_Integration_Server_Built_In_Services_Reference.pdf” it will give you more details about the usage and IS extended setting related to it.

Thanks a lot M@he$h.

Sorry, but what do you mean by “Adapter service templates” ? You find it from the Designer ? (if you have the doc about it please :wink: )


I was referring to Query Time Out present in Adapters (JDBC Adapter) refer JDBC Adapter Users Guide for more details.

Thanks a lot M@he$h, I’ve found the infirmations that I needed.



In relation to the initiial question… I’m coming back to you because I’m testing Timeout but it does not work :

Here is my service :
1- -SEQ (Sucess)
2- – SEQ (Failure)
3- ---- external Consumer WSD
4- – SEQ (Done)
5- ---- Error

I’m trying to set Timeout to 5000 to the input of the soapclient, but the error never catched
(I’ve tried to set the timeout of the 2- SEQ at 5000 too)

Cases : In the 3- step, I’ve tested :
1/ calling my Consumer when server is stopped
2/ calling my Consumer when the inside service flow calls the java service : TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(60);

I’ve never succeed to raise my Timeout exception Error… am I missing something,
any idea please ?