Time stamp

I need to transfert the current date to timestamp

can anyone help me

@rana2 Assuming question is related to Integration server, please implement java service to do the conversion.

@Bharath_Meka1 yes I have a jar in this path

Build java service using : Reverb



@Bharath_Meka1 thanks I tried it.

all is right.
but can we find a way without code ?

Hi Rana,

which jar are you referring to?
In the mentioned directory should only be JDBC Adapter related jars, esp. those for databases which do not have a plain JDBC Type 4 driver, but rely on a native portion via a JNI-Jar (JDBC Type 2 and/or Type 3 driver).

Can you provide some more details where exactly you plan to do the conversion (screen shots of the services might help)?
Please provide the vendor of the database you are connecting to as this might work differently on different vendors.
Basic Adapter Service Templates of the JDBC Adapter support automatic conversion when the input/output field is either specified as Date type or String type and the column is specified as TIMESTAMP type.


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