Threads on IS


I am bit confused on threads on IS.

In Server > Statistics page system threads shows the current(676) and peak(678) level.

In Settings > Resources page Server Thread Pool shows the Maximum Threads(400)

[please find attachment]

when the Maximum Thread is 400 as mentioned in Settings > Resources page Server Thread Pool How it will reach 676(current) as shown in Server > Statistics page system threads.


are these 2 threads different? if yes what is the difference.

Thanks in advance.

I assume that should not be the case. Do you see any errors/warnings on server.log or Is your IS performing slow?

Can you reboot your IS once and then see the Server > Statistics > System Threads

Let me know your results.

Hi Sundar,

Dont get confuse with system thread and server thread pool.

system thread is for webMethods application to run.
server thread pool for your flow service to run.

I think system thread is for both webMethods internal and even flow services (like trigger).

@ Sundar

What is your main concern here? Do you face any issues with IS? Let us know?

Yeah, Thank you lance :slight_smile:


Actually, our IS is too slow. I checked

1.system threads it was 933 @Peak
2.memory also used almost 100%
3.some threads were hanging(cancelled it)

@ lance

Is there any limitation/maximum level for system threads? It was 933 @peak when compared to other IS, it is very high. It will/not affect IS performance?

and where can I check for GC level(full) in slow IS performance?


What is your JVM max and min memory in or server.bat file.

What is your wM version. I hope you have the latest fix levels installed.



Yes, Latest fix Update is IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix11


You are facing this issue in prod/dev?

Where is your IS installed on Win/Linux? I hope you have enough of memory at least 6GB?

On Dev


Unix Solaris

at least 6GB on?

What is your total amount of RAM installed on the system?

Can you try with the below setting if you are authorized to do so:


Do not change the JAVA_MAX_PERM_SIZE=256M

If its not working do the below setting