webM 9.5 : available threads more than maximum threads

Hi All,

I observed that on webM 9.5 IS,we have more no of available threads than the maimum threads configured.

Ex: Maximum threads : 300
available threads : 14204 % (42611 Threads)

I do think this is something weird :slight_smile:

If any body could throw some light on the graveness of situation and how to rectify, it would be of much help!! :slight_smile:

Priya Bhauka

What is your ISAdmin–>Settings–>Resource page the server thread pool setting looks like?

Maximum Threads
Minimum Threads

Is this is production env and running thru heavy volumes and you are seeing this issue?


Below is the settings:

Available Threads 14233 % (42698 Threads)
Maximum Threads 300
Minimum Threads 10
Available Threads Warning Threshold 15 % (45 Threads)
Scheduler Thread Throttle 75 % (225 Threads)
Scheduler Current Threads 0

It is not the production env right now, but to be soon.
There is avery avg flow of information right now.

We are not seeing any issue with the performance of the IS/MWS.


Hi Priya,

This is little strange to have something like this.

What I remember, we used to have,

Suggested actions:

  1. Raise an empower ticket stating the issue with screenshots.
  2. Estimate the load in production and simultaneous thread required to run the load. [Try to find GEAR doc on server performance tuning. It used to have an excel sheet which had different sections, and tell you the size of your JVM heap]
  3. What is your environment configuration look like? Take help of an expert to set different parameters to set the resource settings. [No straight forward answer, IMHO]. Heavy pub-sub, webservices, adapter notifications, etc etc.
  4. Check and explore clustering advantages, if not available right now. If available check the other node(s) of cluster. Check your load balancing parameters.
  5. Check for stateful and stateless sessions.



Hello Rankesh,

Thanks for the quick checklist:
Let me give you a background of the env but before that : I think my issue is resolved with simple simple steps already :slight_smile:

  • We had used the GEAR Template for capacity planning, but as you would be knowing it was created for older versions and for latest versions instead of GEAR there is another paid service.
  • We already had production environment on 7.1 version actually and we took similar parameters for resources, settings etc.
  • I had configures and changed the JVM settings during the time of installations and increased them.
  • However, I think I had missed the step that after changing it, we need to update installSvc.bat file in IS\support\win32.
  • I just did the same and restarted the IS and surprisingly am seeing more free memory and available threads withing the maximum limit…

M sure there is no surprise to it, perhaps this was to be done along with JVM setting changes.
In all 4 IS, now the parameters and readings are controlled actually.

May be if you had similar exp, pls share some of it, so that I could under stand deeply.

PS: I guess I shall observe for a few days and then raise aticket if reqd.


OK what was your JVM heap set to in all the IS env you are talking about in the setEnv file?

Also Is it configured based on the GEAR and capacity planning research and configuration?


We are facing the same issue in our DTQ & prod environment, Raised an ticket with SAG & got the below response.

SAG Response

Are you refering to available threads showing more than 100% ?

If yes, it is a calculation issue rather than thread problem. This has
already been reported and will be fixed in IS_9.5_SP1_Core_Fix3 scheduled
to be released by end of this month



Bhanu: Thanks! looks like we too have to wait for Fix3. Yesterday, I did see that all parameters were conttrolled but again this morning we have the same issue recurred.

RMG: Yes, we had modified jvm heap : max to 4096 MB and min to 1024 MB for one of the IS.
We had this verified from prev verison and also from new template before changing it.