IS resource Memory Management

Hi Guys,

Can u please advise me how can track on IS resource memory utilization (Ex: memory consumed to execute large files execution) and about JAVA heap space(what maximum heap size we can have), JVM space utilization. To describe all these w.r.t wM , if any pdf guide. pls suggest. mainly i want to take statistics of IS server memory utilization when it runs large file processing service.


These related tuning adjustments its all depends on your OS/IS environment run time or volume testing measures you need to work with your sys admins and as a wM Administrator role and determine what the CPU/memory being utilized looks like example your Staging or Prod systems.

You can review some of the things in the IS Administrator user guide for more info.

BTW,What is your IS version and current JVM settings in your (pre 8.x) or 8.x onwards) file looks like?


IS version is : 8.2.1
Following are the JVM settings.

These you have is default minimum settings not suits in production…

If you are sure enough memory (5G) in production make this similar to both MIN/MAX same level for better performance on the volumes and sizes:

Also try to upgrade your IS 821 to SP2 to 8.2.2 with current core fix level (9) with better patching methods: