Threads in IS


I would like to know how a service can be written in order to capture all the threads in the IS.
I tried a Java service from some blog and couldn’t figure out the compilation errors (attached file).
Also would like to know where can I configure the number of threads for each process or each IS can handle (limiting threads) and other parameters like time a thread can run etc.,any suggestions…this is important form me.

getthreads.txt (1.4 KB)

What is your IS version? and the class/method used in your code snippet can be obsolete on the new verison of IS.

System thread can be found on IS page by going to the link “http://localhost:5555/WmRoot/server-threads-new.dsp”, ie., Server > Statistics > System Threads there will be a underlying service “wm.server.query:getThreadList” in WmRoot which can get you the details. Note, that services (internal) used from WmRoot is at your own risk as this may change from version to version and there is no documentation on the change.

To make WmRoot visible on your Designer IDE, add the below setting and refersh your Designer session.


To configure the Server Thread Pool go to “Settings > Resources”