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Dear All,

We are facing performance Issue while running wM interface in PROD system for one of our business.

Description :
This client application resides on SunOS sparcv9 64 bit version 5.10 with jvm v1.6.0 20 with wM IS v7.1.3, Broker, MWS and JDBC, JMS adapters. ARE hosts around 300 packages interfacing with around 2-3 external to client enterprise application and 8-10 internal applications. Several dsp pages integrated to provide frontend UI for complex business processing like file uploads, data extraction from backend Oracle DB.

Issue : Issue initiates when load on UNIX box > 2.5, the UI becomes unresponsive. The technical observation was that there were 5 threads were in block state on trigger Q, the session threads rose to high levels. Server log did not report any strange entries due to which we have to restart our PROD IS.

Can anyone please help us to understand where the Issue lie and what are the action steps we have to take care so that we don’t face any issue in future.

I have attached thread dump from PROD server

— RJ
Thread-Dump.txt (2.71 KB)

Hi There,

If you see the TD you can see that the Thread 300693 is having an issue with one of the WmConnectionsPool

“Thread-300693” Id=322947 in TIMED_WAITING on$ConnectionTimeoutMgr@20e114c1

and because of this other services are either getting blocked or are moving in the wait states.

I have a question here. Do you have any kind of file polling port configured on your production box where this server is running?

Also can you please attach the server log to have a closer look.