There is no connection with JDBC Pools to SQL Server - Timeout on test


I’ve got problem with JDBC Pools on IS.

I can’t connect with JDBC to database which Ive created on local computer. IS is also localy.

Error message I get and don’t know why: "Test of ActiveTransfer failed [SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver]The connection to the host localhost, named instance SQLEXPRESS has failed. Error: “Receive timed out”. Verify the server and instance names, check that no firewall is blocking UDP traffic to port 1434, and for SQL Server 2005 or later verify that the SQL Server Browser Service is running on the host. "

I’ve downloaded sqljdbc drivers and put them to WmJDBCAdapter\code\jars\ and auth dll into \Windows\System32.

Database URL is: jdbc:wm:sqlserver://localhost\SQLEXPRESS;databaseName=test;AuthenticationMethod=auto;Domain=MYDOMAIN


and driver alias: DataDirect Connect JDBC SQL Server Driver.

I’m out of ideas how to resolve this problem


Did you check whether you’ve enabled the TCP/IP protocol on SQL Server side and using port 1434?

I remember there is a chance that this is by default disabled, hence you won’t be able to connect unless you’ve enable it.

Hope this helps.


I found solution. Connection to local SQL Server works.

I’ve installed new instance of SQL Server with mixed logging. Then I’ve changed configuration in SQL Server Configuration Manager and made another steps according to this:

Don’t know that this helped to this solution but I’ve made this steps.

I’ve logged to IS and changed URL a little bit, User id and pass.

Url looks like this:


So I’ve deleted the inistance there’s only a server name.

Logging info was standard for SQL Server instalation:
-user id: sa
-pass :