The value of community

The Tech Community is a great way to interact with your peers and Software AG. You can learn more about Software AG products, how to use them, get tips and tricks from other users and question the experts. But have you explored the other ways to interact with the community?

User Groups

Every year, dozens of user group meetings are held in various countries around the world. In some countries, these meeting are driven purely by the users; while in other areas, Software AG coordinates or facilitates such meetings. But the theme is always the same—it’s about you, the users! You drive what is presented, you decide what is discussed and you say who should be invited to speak.

It’s great to hear from other customers, about their approach, their successes and their challenges. In addition, you also get technical deep-dives on the latest technology from Software AG experts. Above all—it’s a great venue to meet like-minded people face-to-face and share experiences.

At the center of the annual user group calendar is the International User Group conference. This week-long conference covers all Software AG product lines and brings together hundreds of users from all corners of the globe. But you needn’t always travel far, there’s bound to be a local user group near you. And if there isn’t, then why not start one? Our User Groups team can help you on the way.

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Customer Survey

Each year, the webMethods Product Management team runs a survey of our customers. The aim of this survey is to help us learn about how customers are using our technology and to gage interest in certain new topics.

We’re very grateful to everyone who responds each year as it gives us great insights and helps us build even better products. This year’s survey is open right now and if you haven’t already, please take 5-10 minutes to send us your input.

Read this article to learn what we do with the data from the survey: Listening to Customers

I look forward to seeing you

I attend many user groups and customer events each year and am closely involved with compiling the customer survey. So whichever way you interact with Software AG, I look forward to meeting you, physically or virtually, at an event in the coming year.