The URL local host it returns 500 on Postman

I test the service inside the designer and it returns correct data status 200, while I test the service in postman and use the URL local host it returns 500


please provide more details about your issue, like IS/APIGW-version, installed Fixes etc.

Is there anything in the server.log related to this, when error code 500 is returned?

From your description above you won´t get much help as it is not precise enough.


Holger is right that there’s no info to go on, but here are a few things that popped in my head -

  1. Is your API activated?
  2. If you have Resources and Methods defined in the API, are the relevant ones exposed to consumers?
  3. Can you share the masked (remove server and port, but leave the rest of the URL) native/internal endpoint URL (i.e., the IS, where your flow service is present)?
  4. Does the Routing Policy have “invoke” keyword in the URL, if you’re trying to invoke it that way?
  5. This shouldn’t be a 500 code, but have you set the appropriate value for “Global” or “Registered” or “Default” application combinations in the Routing Policy?


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How can Know the API activated or not?

on Integration server logs ( Access denied )


From your latest reply, it looks like you are not using webMethods API Gateway, but just trying to invoke the IS Flow service directly via an HTTP/S call through Postman. If this is the case, share the masked/sanitized URL - you haven’t provided any info to go on.

Also, you previously mentioned a 500 but now it’s an Access Denied?
Share the actual and full error message too.

Not to discourage you from asking questions, we are all learners, but this is not a forum-level question.
I recommend that you do the free officlal courses -
1. API Management Basic (link)
2. API Management Essentials (link)

The answer to your question is here (link).


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