The status of the documents in TN is "QUEUED"


I am facing a strange problem when i am sending the docs to TN.

Some docs are in the queued state for a week. when i changed the sceduler settings they all processed fine.

But the next time the same thing happened, even if the schedulers are scheduled every five minutes.

Please help me to solve this issue.



Can you be more specific on the technical aspects of this issue like process,flows,config etc…

Any errors in the logs duing the time scheduler stuck?? Is it a Repeating simple Interval or Complex Repeating task schedule??

When this occurs are you seeing any service instances continously running or stuck in the Service Usage section??

Documents in TN “QUEUED” you mean Public Queues?? What is your scheduler service does??

BTW,what settings you changed and it worked processing??


I am handling this application as an application admin.

There are no errors in the logs when the schedulers were stuck.
Its a complex repeating schedule. And when i change the interval to simple one, the task woks fine for once and next time i send document they are in the queued status.

No such errors continously running.

yes they are public queues.

i changed the interval and once it works and again the same thing.

Hope i was able to explain something.