The resource is already being used in a parent transaction


Suddenly (from no apparent reason) our jdbc adapters starts throwing a “The resource is already being used in a parent transaction” exception :confused:

The strange thing is that we do not use any transactions, and the Transaction Type is set to NO_TRANSACTION for all adapter connections.

Also, when it starts happening for one connection - the others seem to follow (after a while), even though they point to other databases on completely different servers. It can also happen on miltiple IS:es at once.

The server does not recover from this and we end up restarting the IS:es.

Has anyone come across this before?

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Some env. info:
IS 7.1.2 on Windows 2003 server
SQL Server 2005
JDBC Adapter 6.5 with JDBC_6-5_Fix21

The following patches are applied to the IS:

Try this

Change the JDBC connections …Min Poll size =“0”


I have faced this error also.

Are you using the transactions as well (start, commit and rollback) and what is the type of the Transaction (local or no transaction).

In my case, This error happens because you have started the transaction but it is not closed.

For exmple, Flow Service A calls another service Flow Service B and In service B, start transaction is called but before rollback / commit an Exit flow step is encountered due to which it come from flow service B without closing teh transaction.

Hence this error is occured.


I have faced this issue in the past many times. I believe latest ART fix should help to a great extent on IS 7.1.2

If the connection pool has some corrupt connection, this problem occurs and problem spreads to more than one connection and will have to either restart server or leave it that way for a day or two.
One more thing you could try is setting Min Poll size =“0” on all connection.