the product is ready for use... but how ????

Hello everybody,

Like the documentation says: “After the steps listed in the section Installing the Tamino Non-XML Indexer have been successfully completed, the product is ready for use.”

I already perform each steps, the Non-XML Indexer is installed like a SXS in my database, but what do i have to do to make it works? I have a non-xml schema in my database, should i add anything on insert, or on update??? Should i define another schema?

Thanks in advance, i need help, i’m so confused!

:? :?:

I think that you have to define the schemas in the directory etc.

You produce your own schema for binary data using template.tsd as a template. Then you need to define that schema. The NIXE SXS will need to be installed.

Then when you insert supported documents into the binary schema defined above they will be indexed.

Thanks a lot!

it’s already working!