Confused about Non-XML Indexer

I’m a little bit confused about the Tamino Non-XML Indexer. Should I expect it to convert my word document saved in Tamino to XML and adapt the content to the collection I defined? Then could I query the content of the document somehow like ‘Owner=George’? :confused:

The nonxml indexer does not convert the word document into XML. What is does is extract useful metadata and store the metadata as a shadow xml document. The schema it uses is fixed and is the one supplied with the nonxml indexer (see etc subdirectory). Therefore it is possible to query this metadata, e.g. the creator of the document. For more information please see the documentation that comes with the nonxml indexer.

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Thanks for the advice about reading the documentation that comes with the Non-XML Indexer. There?s ok information about installing it, but below is what you get, when you want information about using it (very useful !!):

Using the Tamino Non-XML Indexer
After the steps listed in the section Installing the Tamino Non-XML Indexer have been successfully completed, the product is ready for use.

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Yeah, unfortunately the manual doesn’t explain how to query the metadata. The tricky thing to understand is that the non-xml document and the metadata have the same doctype name. It’s like you have two objects in the same collection with the exact same name.

So, to retrieve a non-xml document, you access it via http like:

or better yet, using an API such as TResponse.getNonXMLObjectIterator().

To query metadata about the same object, you use x-query. From Interactive interface if you execute the query “/myDoctype” and you get:

Hope this helps.


The thing I was most confused about was that template.xsd . I wondered what it was for. I always stored my nonXML content into ino:etc/ino:nonXML (because it’s there by default and you don’t have to set anything up).

Then I noticed: template.xsd is a nonXML schema! So I need to store my nonXML content there! And then the installed Indexer would take care of it and create that shadow document. And so it was!

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