The Maximum number of devices per each standard Tenant

Hi, We are using Cumulocity version 10.11 and have already built an IoT platform under the name Ultivis by applying White Labeling.

We have a customer who needs to connect 300,000 Device (Class A) units. I would like to know if these devices can be connected to one Standard Tenant or not.

Please also tell me how many devices can be connected to a single tenant for each device class recommended by Software AG.

In general this should not be a problem. The devil is in the detail :wink:
The Tenant is not the limitation here.
How should the devices be connected? MQTT, REST, other?
Is the connection durable or do they just connect to upstream data and terminate the connection afterwards?
Device class A: What is the frequency they send data? (>1 hour e.g. every 4 hours etc.)

These are the details we need to know to answer your query.

The Transaction per second (TPS) a limiting factor for the SaaS environment.
Also the max. concurrent connected devices
When they reach some critical threshold a dedicated instance might be the better option.