C8Y - Scalabilty and diagnostic

Product/components used and version/fix level:

Cumulocity IoT production 1016.0.256

Question related to a production (customer) instance?

Where can I find reliable information to address the following questions?

  1. How does Cumulocity IoT scale, and what options or approaches are at disposal to configure or restrict the number of monitored devices, such as for 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, and 1 million devices?

  2. Does Cumulocity IoT provide diagnostic statistics for evaluating data quality?

Hi @Miller

these are very high level questions which can be only answered by making a lot of assumptions because I don’t know the exact use case of these questions.

I try to answer them as general as possible.

  1. It scales horizontally and vertically with hardware and additional nodes on multiple levels (database, application servers (cores), load balancers etc.)
    You can restrict the number of monitored devices by not granting them access to the platform as every device must be authenticated at Cumulocity IoT individually. So actually platform admin must decide which devices should have been onboarded and connect to the platform and which don’t. There is also a registration process where you can only add the devices which should be able to connect.

  2. I’m not fully understanding this one but Cumulocity does not define what “good” data quality is, therefor also not providing any diagnostic statistics. If the devices send diagnostic information you can of course use them in Cumulocity IoT to improve your data quality within Cumulocity IoT e.g. using Streaming Analytics or adapting the device agents.

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