The best stories are yours – part 3

Customer Success Stories

Below is a selection of some of our latest customer success stories, categorized by product. We hope you enjoy reading how other companies are successfully utilizing Software AG products in their digital transformation initiatives.

By Customer Advocacy Marketing team, Software AG

To see additional customer stories, visit this page regularly for updates, as we add new stories almost every day. And, if you are interested in telling your success story, please contact our Customer Advocacy Marketing team.

New webMethods API & Integration success stories

Komatsu: Moving mountains with hybrid integration

All business is becoming digital. See how the team at Komatsu tied together modern and legacy systems to create a “single source of truth” for B2B transactions.

Komatsu Customer Story | webMethods API | Software AG

Socomec: Hybrid integration powers low voltage systems

One hybrid integration tool allowed Socomec to boost security, improve efficiency, and achieve total visibility over its business workflows.

Socomec Customer Story | Hybrid Integration | Software AG

Lufthansa Technik AG: B2B integration to engage customers wherever they are

Discover how Lufthansa Technik AG built a B2B integration environment that standardized customer engagement and allowed for the quick, efficient, and secure management of a wide variety of global partners.

Lufthansa Tehnik AG Customer Story | Software AG

New ARIS success stories

Flowserve: ARIS becoming a part of its DNA

Single source of truth leads to company-wide process visibility and transparency.

Flowserve Customer Story | Business Process Architecture | Software AG

Fertile ground for sustainable growth: an SAP process transformation

CENIBRA, a major producer of bleached eucalyptus pulp chose to use ARIS as an SAP solution to integrate everything seamlessly.

CENIBRA Customer Story | SAP Solution | Software AG

Housing company — Process excellence makes special housing possible

Read why Woonbedrijf chose Software AG’s ARIS Enterprise as a solution for process excellence making special housing possible.

Woonbedrijf Customer Story | Process Excellence | Software AG


New Alfabet success stories

Vodafone: Building a single source of information with Alfabet [VIDEO]

See how Alfabet helps Vodafone Germany maintain compliance, undertake IT transformation projects, manage application lifecycles, and stay on top of data governance.

Vodafone IT portfolio management case study | Software AG

Henkel: Strategic IT portfolio management [VIDEO]

Streamlining your IT portfolio so it aligns your IT investments to business strategy can feel like an all-consuming project. But in reality, it can be easy and fast with the right enterprise architecture tool.

Henkel Video | Software AG

The value in your IT landscape.

How the NHS released theirs by revamping its IT architecture—increasing productivity by 20% in just 8 weeks.

SLaM Customer Story | Modernizing Mental Healthcare | Software AG


New Adabas and Natural success stories

Eaton: Making what matters work

With sustainable savings and optimized operation, the “zIIPed” mainframe is now a shining example of Eaton’s values in action, making “what matters work.”

Eaton Customer Story | Adabas & Natural for zIIP | Software AG

Dataport’s mainframes are at zIIP speed

Dataport’s mainframes are operating at zIIP speed. Run processes are faster and smoother, and mainframe capacity is managed more efficiently with help from Adabas and Natural for zIIP.

Dataport Customer Story | Adabas & Natural for zIIP | Software AG

Large US State: Connect & innovate its IBM zSystem application

Read how The Office of the Comptroller uses Software AG’s NaturalONE development environment and webMethods EntireX to bring greater flexibility to the team.

The Office of the Comptroller Customer Story | Software AG


New IoT success stories

Advanced analytics for the factory of the future

Ashland used TrendMiner to solve previously “unsolvable” problems using self-service industrial analytics, increasing production, and improving quality control and compliance.

Ashland Customer Story | Software AG’s TrendMiner

Kemin: New IoT insights and services on the cloud [VIDEO]

Together with Software AG, Kemin is bringing its industrial application system to the cloud. In this video, learn how it is improving remote monitoring and building customer services with IoT.

Kemin Customer Video | Software AG


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